Truthful Tuesday

ImageTruth for today, Tuesday, February 7th, 2012. I love most things paranormal. I am not into the Devil side of it, much too frightening for me, but as for ghosts and ghost stories, bring it. I love it. Especially love the life after death stories. It fascinates me. I was at Dr Adam’s today to get my tooth fixed ( awesome Dentist, by the way) and while I was there, we got onto the subject of the paranormal and my technician promptly pulled up the picture you see above.

The story goes like this: The practice has a woman patient who goes there for treatment, who had the unfortunate experience of losing a child, a little girl. In her distress, she made an appointment with a local medium to find some peace and to try to make sense of her loss. She happened to make the Medium appointment right before she had her Dentist appointment. (This patient of their is hard of hearing and one needs to speak in a loud voice and in front of her in order for her to hear anything that is being said.)

Saying nothing to anyone in the Dentist office regarding the appointment with the Medium, her dental exam went along as usual and they asked her if she would please step into the room where her x-ray would be taken (it is the kind of x-ray that goes around your head as you stand still). The first x-ray; nothing. Black. The second x-ray, again, no teeth….but in the corner, a strange shape…that of a hand… of a child. When the x-ray came out, the woman gasped and immediately began to weep. When the staff inquired as to why she was crying, she explained that she had just gone to an appointment with a medium, who told her that her daughter tries to get her Mother’s attention by patting her on the cheek. What a beautiful way to let your Mom know that you are there for her, even from the other side.

I love the way the hand is positioned and that there is even a hint of a chin at the top of the picture. Her spirit shining in the middle of her hand and an extra big orb at the bottom. It a love picture to me and a bond never broken. Our Dentist was so amazed by this picture and even had it analyzed at the UMDNJ, (where Dr. Adam teaches) by the experts there in radiology and there is no evidence of tampering of any kind. Amazing.

When I sing in church I am often visited by a spirit…. that of my baby, who I lost after my 3rd Son. I always imagined she was a girl, since I only had 3 boys at the time. When I lost her, I always envisioned she was girl. I almost felt as if I was crazy to even think that she would come and be with me when I sing in front of an audience, but I always chose to believe she was there. The picture above proves to me that my feelings are correct. She is with me. Forever.

Loudly yours,



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