My perspective of the Model UN is strictly from excited Mom, not much factual evidence here. Simply proud Momma’s perspective. 🙂

Rachael has been attending meetings for a couple of months after school to prepare for the Model UN day.  Usually, I would find out that

she had those meetings when I would pick up the kids and she would not just, not be bounding off the bus with the other 2 kids.  “Rachael has a meeting!” the kids would yell.  Then I would know that I had to pick her up at 4:45. Nice.  (We will save that for another post)

Besides that small inconvenience, it has been nice to have Rachael involved in an afternoon extra curricular activity. (She is not one to ask to be involved in many things)

On the big day, Rachael slept in a little, got up, got breakfast and met me in my room for wardrobe.  I figured that since she was representing United Arab Emirates at the UN, she should look the part, right?  So I dug deeeeep into my closet, all the way back to my Mary Kay Director days and pulled out one of my expensive suits and chose a beautiful red jacket and blouse to go with her black skirt, black stockings and black patent leather shoes.  She looked just perfect!  ((((BEAM))))

Just to put the icing on the cake, I escorted her down to the powder room to apply her makeup, so she would look professional.  A little foundation,

a little blush, lip gloss, shadow, liner, mascara, and wallah! UN representative!  I was pleased with the results.  We got in the car.  We greeted some neighbors coming home from walking their kids to school, and off we went. I wish I could tell you the ride was ideal, but driving through East Orange is no walk through the park, plus, I got a little turned around.

We finally arrived at the Seton Hall Campus, (loved it, by the way) parked the car and then got lost again on campus.  At last, we found the correct hall and headed down the stairs to the auditorium where the event was held.  I wish I could tell you different, but I could not help but notice that the only students who were wearing suit jackets were the boys.  All the other girls mostly looked like they were going to a school dance.

I guess I take things too seriously, but I cannot help but be proud that Rachael was one of the best dressed girls in attendance.  She found her classmates and, satisfied she would be fine, left the building and headed at little ways to the beautiful chapel for some alone time with God.  It was so nice to just be still in the quiet.  Sometimes it is a treat just to be out of noise.  It was a struggle to leave, but I had some things to do for work, so off I went.  I returned later on to pick her up, overjoyed that her group won Best Delegate!  SO proud of my girl!!  We took a quick picture and off we went, to pick up Bella and bring the good news to her Principal who was equally overjoyed.  It was a great day.

Loudly yours,



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