Library hoppin’

This morning, I am preparing my Daughter to be a part of a Mock Session of the United Nations to be held at Seton Hall University.  Needless to say, I am very proud of her.  She is a brilliant, young woman with a heart of a child. As I was preparing things for her, it got me thinking about my College days and how I used to love to Library hop.  Yes, I know NORMAL 20 year olds went bar hopping, but I wanted to be an attorney in the worst way and did not think that bars were places for serious up and coming attorneys.  (I know today that is not true, but, whatever)  My major was Spanish and other Universities had better resources (the Spanish Lit books translated into English) than my library did. So I would hop from campus library to campus library, soaking in the books, the architecture and the quiet. (and the English translations!!)  I knew Spanish, but some of the courses were tough!!  I think two of my favorite were Drew University and Farleigh Dickinson.   The library at Drew was quiet, contemporary and huge.  I loved the quaint, old feel of that campus.  The library at FDU was amazing.  Set in an old mansion, the nooks and crannys of that place were unreal, like you just stepped inside a fairy palace.  It was a quiet time, a beautiful time that I will cherish forever.  I guess that is why I put on crazy dance parties for my Birthday.  Just to even it all out.

Loudly Yours,



ps- tomorrow I will cover more on the Model UN day at SHU.


2 thoughts on “Library hoppin’

  1. abozza

    Library hop…my kinda fun! 🙂 My students were at the Model UN today, as well! Probably bumped into each other! 🙂


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